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9Yards Technology is the right strategic choice for HTML5 Development Services in Canada. We equip you with HTML5-based solutions that are secure, sustainable and are crafted in a way that can easily be maintained and scaled. Being a dominant HTML5 Development Company In Canada, we foster creativity and innovation with each product!

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Sleek And Ultramodern HTML5 Development Services In Canada   

9Yards Technology is a reputed name for providing authentic HTML5 development services for businesses in various industry verticals. Our HTML5 Development web solutions are state-of-the-art and flawless, providing you with robust, secure and scalable products. We create the most inventive and unique HTML5-based solutions compatible with various platforms and devices. 

We are equipped with highly skilled HTML5 developers who can devise phenomenal HTML5 web and mobile solutions that will satisfy your peculiar user, business, industry, or sector needs by using an agile development technique. We use the most recent HTML5 technologies and frameworks, including SproutCore, Ember.js, AngularJS, and PhoneGap, to provide you with the best HTML5 solutions.

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Craft Futuristic Websites Using HTML5 Development Services!

Having an e-Commerce ecosystem is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses. 9Yards Technology equips you with all-inclusive HTML5 development services that aid you in executing your objectives! As the premier HTML5 website development company, we have extensive industry experience in delivering impeccable HTML5 development services. We are equipped with a team of exceptional HTML5 developers who work in a synergistic environment.

Check out the diverse services under the domain listed below.

PSD To HTML5 Services

9Yards Technology provides sleek PSD to HTML5 conversion services; our agile service conversion includes converting the PSD files to deployable segments before converting them to superior quality HTML5.

Bootstrap Development

Our company has proficiency in bootstrap development to make your website quicker and easier to navigate. 9Yards Technology incorporates a tech-proficient team working in tandem to furnish the finest products.

Progressive Web-Apps (PWA)

9Yards Technology has the tech expertise to empower your business by providing PWA having enhanced capabilities with the tardily APIs. With these apps, you will never be dissatisfied with their performance!

Hybrid Applications

We provide practical development solutions to craft multi-platform applications with HTML5 having fully responsive and integrated top-of-the-line features.

Migration To eCommerce

Instead of modernizing silverlight, 9Yards Technology can help you migrate your existing solution to HTML5. We can assist you with secure and quick migration services for all types of businesses.

Theme Development

The HTML5 developers at 9Yards Technology have a preeminent knack for integrating aesthetics and functionality into theme development. Therefore, we can craft custom HTML5 projects of any size, and by using our proficiency, you can easily dominate the domain.

HTML5 Plugin Development

9Yards Technology’s HTML5 website development services include incorporating personalized plugins that can augment your website’s performance while keeping your business requirements in mind.

jQuery & CSS3 Development

Using CSS and jQuery to create future-ready designs and animations is one of our strong suits. We make your website look fresh and appealing.

Support and Maintenance

Our trusted, dependable, and authentic support structure enables us to assist our clients with HTML5 performance, updates, and bugs. We can take up a custom HTML5 project of any size and ensure its faster performance with fluid design and scalability.

We Deliver You Unique Feature Rich Web Experiences With HTML5

Our services are flawless and offer your business the best results. We have a team of proficient technophiles that incorporate the latest methodologies to transmogrify your websites. We prioritize your requirements and design an optimal platform.

HTML5 Web Development Process

9Yards Technology uses the avant-garde tech stack with robust SOPs to deliver flawless HTML5 development services! Using our services will furnish you with a great-looking and super-functional website. The procedure we carry out to deliver products of excellence is listed below.

Requirement Assessment

  • Gathering requirements
  • Examine the requirement
  • Document the analyzed requirement


  • Technical illustration
  • Screen wireframing
  • UI/UX design


  • Programming or coding
  • Constructing the main sections
  • Feedback of client

Running tests

  • Beta testing
  • 100% debugging
  • Finalizing the product


  • Setting Up DNS Records
  • Setting Up a Live Testing Site
  • Backup and Go Live

Support & Maintenance

  • Seamless maintenance
  • Timeless assistance
  • Regular updates

9Yards Technology’s HTML5 Development Services Skyrockets Business Presence!

9Yards Technology has the best in-house HTML5 developers that have created masterpieces for 250+ clients. Having fantastic domain knowledge and understanding of bespoke web development, we’re competent to take on any challenges.

Why Is HTML5 Most Preferred For Web Development?

HTML5 is the newest version for developing a robust website structure that enhances your business with an unparalleled online presence!

Economical Cross-Platform Solution

Our in-house developers are experienced in crafting amazing websites. We offer HTML5 development services that are cost-effective and can stimulate your business on multiple OS!

Header & Footer Inclusion

The most recent version now allows HTML5 developers to include the header and footer sections with specific tags! This offers your website structure a more organized appearance while greatly improving UX!

Improved Code

Adding new components and improved code has enhanced the entire HTML environment. The most recent version of the markup language has empowered developers to create outstanding frontends for websites and apps.


The best thing about using HTML5 for website structure is that it is consistent across all browsers. As a result, any web browser can access a website with HTML structuring.

Rich Media Elements Supported

We can craft a platform that includes audio and video, thanks to the latest HTML5. A rich media element can be included with the markup language that makes your website visually appealing!

Better Web Design & Development

HTML5 introduces new elements, tags, and features, stimulating developers’ creativity! Structuring with the current updates will provide you with solutions built with ingenious technologies that create scalable and high-performing front-end assets.

Why Choose 9Yards Technology?

9Yards Technology believes in providing world-class HTML5 development services that are innovative, sustainable, and secure. We adopt the latest agile approaches to get a top-notch platform that offers seamless operation across different platforms. Our brilliant minds craft websites that are fast, scalable, and responsive; leveraging our services will help you to get a maintainable, plus a compatible online platform for all devices and operating systems.  

We offer you solutions that function perfectly across various platforms. We incorporate the latest tech stack and have successfully served magnificent solutions to 250+ clients globally. Get in touch with us and avail impeccable services we offer to add value and empower businesses. 

Some of the points that make our services top-notch are

Proficient Team

We examine your business objectives to ensure that our platform perfectly fits your requirements. We cooperate with your team and keep you in the loop so that you can monitor your project’s progress.

Excellent Support

Our proficient techies are keen to provide the best support and maintenance that helps your business to get to the next level. You can also leverage an army of skilled and proficient professionals.

Prompt Customer Support

Have any doubts about your project? Our in-house team helps to solve your queries earliest. You can request your queries, and our support team will get back to you shortly.

Services that show results

Our services speak through results; we have already served an array of clients and propelled their business by enhancing traffic to their sites, improving their brand’s image and boosting sales.


The costs are predefined as per the agreement, and there are no hidden costs.

We are one of the leading organizations trusted by various companies, and our work speaks for itself. Investing in our services gives you a surety of flawless products delivered.

9Yards Technology offers you complete transparency in the development process. So you can track the website’s progress whenever you wish

HTML5 development services from 9Yards Technology will assist you in creating the best structure for your website. You’ll get your money’s worth with tags, new features, and a fantastic new code inclusion.

9Yards Technology offers you services with limitless flexibility. We incorporate the Agile approach that caters to additional requirements during the HTML5 development services.

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