AngularJS Development Company in Canada

Your search for a reliable AngularJS Development Company in Canada winds up with 9Yards Technology. Our pool of tech experts offers advanced and cost-effective AngularJS Services in Canada to businesses worldwide.

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Get Stable and Secure Applications With Our Prime AngularJS Services in Canada

AngularJS Development Company in Canada

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based, open-source, and flexible framework maintained by Google. The framework enables developers to create highly responsive, dynamic web applications with less coding. AngularJS is also used to build feature-rich and user-friendly websites and applications. 

9Yards Technology is renowned for building and providing safe, powerful, and exemplary AngularJS solutions that are compatible with all devices & browsers. Our expert and experienced AngularJS developers employ advanced tools and technologies to create feature-rich and faster websites and mobile apps with matchless performance. 

Our robust and secure AngularJS applications have built a strong reputation for us as the leading AngularJS development company in Canada. We bring the perfect blend of the vast experience of our qualified and skilled developers and cutting-edge tools, technologies and methodologies to the table, enabling us to create brilliant solutions and deliver impressive results.

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Take A Gander At Our Eminent AngularJS Development Services

Our comprehensive AngularJS development services are designed to vanquish challenges and offer innovative and high-performance apps with top quality that exceed our client’s expectations. We strive to provide our clients with what they need.

Here know what we offer.

Custom Angular Development

We acknowledge the fact that every business has different requirements when it comes to AngularJs development, and that’s why our team of skilled developers create performance-driven, highly customized yet cost-effective custom apps and websites that give you an edge over your competitors.

Platform Migration Services

Are you tired of working on your outdated platform and want to reap the benefits of AngularJS? Then, hire the best team of AngularJS developers of 9Yards Technology that are well-versed with all the latest web development trends to provide you with advanced and versatile application migration services.

Enterprise Angular Web Apps

We have a proven track record of building high-performing, robust, and the most scalable enterprise Angular web apps to evolve your business. With effective methodologies and cutting-edge tools & techniques, we deliver stellar results.

Angular Support & Maintenance

We offer end-to-end AngularJS services from development to deployment, but our work doesn’t end here. Our 24/7 technical support and maintenance services ensure that your websites and apps work without glitches. We never hesitate to help our clients at any stage.

Web Application Development

With their years of technical design and development experience, our AngularJS developers develop dynamic web applications. We equip your website with the smart new AngularJS features and make you stand out from your competitors. Get innovative, customized web solutions with 9Yards Technology that support your business goals.

Angular Ecommerce Portal Development

9Yards Technology is the leading software development company leveraging the best eCommerce portal development services. Our experienced Angular developers aid you in enhancing your end-users shopping experience with dynamic webpages, a powerful UI, and customizable widgets.

Angular Plugin Development

Our expert AngularJS plugin developers can help you enhance your website’s functionality with highly customizable and SEO-friendly plug-in apps that improve performance and usability. Moreover, to match the requirements and design of your web app, they can also help you modify your plugins.

UI/UX Development Services

We are equipped with a team of expert UI and UX developers with hands-on expertise in developing aesthetic and user-friendly websites with an intuitive interface. We enthusiastically work on your website’s different elements, including design, layout, colours, fonts, etc., to give your users a great experience.

Ajax Development

Our developers possess expertise in developing rich AJAX-based apps with the help of the latest technologies and frameworks. They offer optimum Ajax development services and build interactive web applications with impressive features and functionality.

Build A Stunning App/Website With Our AngularJS Development Services

9Yards Technology comprehends your business requirements and offers out-of-the-box solutions catering to your development needs. With our innovative thinking and dedication, we have successfully served many clients from various industries around the world.

Our Robust AngularJS Web Application Development Process

We have a well-defined and streamlined AngularJS Web Application Development process that enables us to deliver error-free results within the stipulated time frame. Our process is as follows.

Requirement Analysis

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Analyzing Assembled Requirement
  • Noting Studied Requirement

Angular Web Design

  • Technical Graphic
  • Wireframing Designing
  • UI/UX Designing

Angular Development

  • Web App Programming or Coding
  • Structuring The Main Areas
  • Taking Client Feedback


  • Beta Testing & Other
  • 100% Debugging
  • Finishing The Product


  • Providing Various Browser Support
  • Deploying on Client’s Server
  • Web App Available For Users

Technical Support

  • Web App Maintenance
  • 24×7 Assistance
  • Updating & Maintenance of Web App

Why Choose AngularJS For your App Development?

AngularJS is a preferable framework for creating dynamic and multi-functional web apps in less time with minimal coding. It creates an easy-to-develop environment, enabling developers to cater to your unique needs while making your application’s components crisp and clear. To support your decision to employ AngularJS technology in web app development, here are a few main benefits of the framework:

Scalable & less code

One of the major reasons for the popularity of AngularJS is that it is a lightweight and highly scalable framework that helps cut the codebase by manifolds. This enhances your web app’s performance and fastens the loading times.


It is a developer-friendly framework that enables developers to build efficient web applications that are easy to understand and user-friendly. AngularJS provides all the essential tools and technologies to create a compelling web app.

Great Community Support

This open-source framework has one of the largest global communities, so you can rely on AngularJS for any help or guidance required while developing your next web application.

Great Community Support

This open-source framework has one of the largest global communities, so you can rely on AngularJS for any help or guidance required while developing your next web application.

More Efficacious

You can make your web application more efficient using AngularJS, as it provides all the tools and technologies needed for development. This results in a lesser codebase, faster loading times, and enhanced performance.

Easy Maintenance

Due to great community support, AngularJS is easy to update, maintain, and support. You can also avail the services of third-party developers for developing an efficient web application using AngularJS without difficulty.

Enhanced Design Architecture

If you want to improve the design architecture of your web application, then AngularJS is your best bet, as it makes your web application more user-friendly and easy to navigate. It also aids in improving the entire look and feel of your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

This open-source framework is mainly used for developing front-end web applications. However, it can also be used to build progressive web apps and hybrid mobile apps.

AngularJS is one of the most-preferable frameworks for its developer-friendliness, great community support, scalability, and enhanced design architecture. To know more about these features, you can consult our professionals.

Yes, before beginning any project, we sign an NDA to safeguard your privacy, sensitive information and trade secrets from third parties.

The cost of developing an app on the AngularJS framework depends on various factors, such as what kind of app you want, the project size, the number of features you want to incorporate, and its complexity.

Yes. Our developers keep the search engine optimization standards in mind while developing all AngularJS apps. We ensure that the app complies with all SEO guidelines.

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