Security Testing Services in Canada

9Yards Technology is a reliable name in securing your platforms with impeccable security testing services in Canada. With our advanced tech stack and methodologies, we can identify every vulnerability that can be a security risk to your software and provide robust and glitch-free applications! 

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Get Phenomenal Application Testing Services in Canada with 9Yards Technology

Security Testing Services in Canada

With the technology advancing rapidly, the security of the product & its user acceptance has become one of the main focal points for any company. This has given rise to the need for newer and advanced strategies to identify and eradicate potential threats associated with the software. 9Yards Technology has recognized the need to combine groundbreaking tools and automated techniques to focus on security concerns beyond simple testing.

9Yards Technology is equipped with a team of expert QA professionals possessing years of experience, expertise and the certifications required to render fantastic security testing services. Our diligent cybersecurity professionals offer remarkable application testing services blended with the industry’s best practices. We strive hard to serve you with the proper validation of your company’s security systems and infrastructure. 

With over 250+ clients, ranging from dynamic incubators to Fortune 500 companies from around the globe, our testing services have secured us a name among the leading software testing companies in Canada.

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Expelling Vulnerabilities With Our A1 Security Testing Services in Canada

Utilizing advanced security testing procedures and tools, we are an expert in discovering loopholes in the system, providing safety measures and securing your platforms. To date, we have successfully delivered secure and stable digital platforms to 250+ clients worldwide.

Take a gander at what separates us from the rest!

Trailblazing Testing Tools

9Yards Technology uses advanced testing tools like Selenium & JIRA that enable us to identify and track shortcomings rapidly. Our latest methodologies and tech stack allow us to easily and quickly discover and fix vulnerabilities.

Proper Vulnerability Documentation

We are not only known for the rapid identification of bottlenecks and vulnerabilities but also for the proper documentation of the loopholes that make us provide you with a comprehensive picture of all the areas that can be turned into account!

Quashing Loophole Exploitation

Here at 9Yards Technology, we offer you the finest security testing services in Canada that have the capability to transform your app’s potential entirely. Our rigorous checks ensure zero security leaks that can hamper your app’s operation.

Delivering Highly Stable Product

We aim to deliver highly stable products by identifying loopholes through our rigorous security testing procedure and simultaneously fixing them. Our QA experts strive to fulfil the promise of providing a product that functions glitch-free.

Remarkable UX

Our security testing services aim at providing an outstanding UX by eliminating vulnerabilities from the software. Utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies, we deliver highly stable and, user-friendly, unblemished products.

Professional Problem Solving

We comprehend that systems differ; hence a solution for one system might not work with the other. This is why we amalgamate multiple security solutions with unique strategies and quality engineering to detect and solve the problem in your system.

Take A Gander At Our Security Testing Services Coverage

9Yards Technology offers comprehensive security testing solutions that align with advanced quality assurance strategies, practices, and standards. We take pride in our QA experts, who, with their years of expertise, developed a robust security testing methodology that covers it all, leaving no scope for loopholes in the system.

Vulnerability Scanning

The vulnerability scanning is performed to identify vulnerability signatures that hackers can exploit.

Security Scanning

Security scanning is done to check the network and system weaknesses, and solutions are incorporated to minimize the risks.

Penetration Testing

It explores vulnerabilities by imitating a hostile cyber-attack in the system.

Risk Assessment

The security risks associated with a system are evaluated in risk assessment by categorizing them as Low, Medium & High.

Security Auditing

Security auditing is done to perform the internal analysis of the applications and operating systems to come across any security flaws.

Posture Assessment

It is the fusion of security scanning, ethical hacking, and risk assessments that represent an organization’s entire security posture.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking exposes the security flaws in the organization’s software by hacking it and fixing it.

Get A Robust Software With Our Advanced Application Testing Services in Canada!

Every organization fears the breach of their software system that could cost them a fortune. But, with our reliable security service, you can be free from worries regarding your system’s security and stability. Our skilled trainers and IT specialists will ensure an unbreachable security system for your software.

Safeguard Your Web/Mobile Platform Security With Us 

9Yards Technology caters to the need for imperishable security systems by providing reliable security testing services that recognize and fix vulnerabilities using groundbreaking tools & technologies. 

Mobile Testing Services

Our adept QA professionals have extensive experience offering full-scale security testing services for mobile apps. We excel in identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in your mobile app before hackers can exploit them for their unethical and malicious motives.

Web Testing Services

9Yards Technology is a reliable name for offering unblemished security testing service for websites with the help of state-of-the-art procedures and an advanced-grade tech stack to extract and remove vulnerabilities from your web platform.


We Empower Organizations With Our Testing Abilities

In addition to offering phenomenal security testing services, 9 Yards Technology also scrutinizes and secures your platforms by rendering other testing services. We are one of the leading software testing companies in Canada for a reason!

Frequently Asked Questions

Security testing services are of utmost significance to ensure the security of your software system and save it from harmful attacks. It enables you to identify the loopholes in your security system, remove them and take preventive measures. It not only enhances the stability of your product but also ensures that hackers can’t exploit it for their own benefit.

Some key attributes of security testing services are – authorization, availability, confidentiality, integrity, non-repudiation, and resilience.

The right time to conduct security testing is before your application enters the production environment.

Yes, penetration testing can break a system. Therefore, performing it in an ‘isolated’ environment is recommended. Also, ensure to create a backup before executing this testing process.

Well, the process of penetration testing comes with some risks; hence we take the client’s approval before initiating the process.

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