9Yards Technology is a predominant Functional Testing Company in Canada, offering a comprehensive array of testing services to validate the functionality of your system. Our acclaimed Quality Assurance and Functional Testing Services in Canada ensure seamless business processes for our clients.

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Functional Testing Services in Canada

With the intent of offering advanced quality assurance services, we provide the finest functional testing in Canada, which enabled us to emerge as the leading functional testing company in Canada. Our services aid in the exhaustive analysis of the functionality of a developed application or software in the best possible means.

We perform rigorous functional testing that focuses on the results of processing and determining whether the application satisfies the basic minimum user expectations or not. Our competent QA Consultants go beyond the standard functional testing for your application. With the advanced approach like ‘Agile,’ we guarantee to sieve vulnerabilities and impart exceptional stability to your products and processes.

Why Go For 9Yards Technology for Functional Testing in Canada?

When it comes to opting for any IT service in Canada, 9Yards Technology is the most preferred name. Our transformative quality assurance has served multiple Fortune 500 companies and innumerable SMEs. Our team of aficionado QA professionals leaves no stone unturned in making sure that your product, application, or service is unblemished and fully ready for launch.

If you are in a dilemma about choosing us as your Functional Testing company in Canada, then know the following benefits that you will reap from us:


The functional testing results hinge on the customer usage and rely on reliable fact-based knowledge. Functional testing doesn’t work on any suppositions; hence with us, you get the results based on facts.


Our functional testing service is designed to reduce the risks you’re likely to face in your program or software. The functional test team at 9Yards Technology endeavors to provide a credible functional testing service that saves you from facing severe consequences.


With our contemplated functional testing service in Canada, we intend to make sure that our clients get delighted with the quality of our work and results. By choosing our functional testing services, you get a flawless and bug-free product or service of high quality.


We understand that users follow a different approach while interacting with a platform. So, we run tests in all possible means in which a user can potentially react to the functions embedded in the platform.


We implement the latest ‘Agile’ approach to deliver flawless products to our esteemed customers. We always keep a tab on the latest advancements in the industry to serve the best. Our approach aims for the highest level of customer satisfaction to uphold our reputation.


Our skilled & competent team of engineers works diligently to ensure your applications meet your business & functional requirements and specifications. We use advanced tools in our testing techniques to ensure that our efforts go beyond the basic functional testing approach.

Know Our Advanced Methodology That Makes Our Functional Testing in Canada Stand Out

Every company has specific objectives while developing a new product or service. To ensure the proper functionality of the product, the company makes it go through various testing procedures, including functional testing. Functional testing is crucial to know the proper functionality of the product for which it is designed; hence we understand the significance of the process to remove the bugs and ensure the quality.


During the consultation process, we focus on explaining the scope of our services along with the advanced tools & techniques that we employ to arm you with secure and immaculate software.


To truly understand the nature of your product, our team indulges in a briefing about the purpose and functionality of your product and services. This helps us test the product in every possible way with a user mindset.


Knowing the purpose of your product enables us to perform functional testing in the best possible way using our modern methodologies and the latest agile approach. We ensure a bug-free and coherent product.

Our Comprehensive Functional Testing Services in Canada

We offer a plethora of functional testing services to examine your product on every platform. Our unassailable testing services ensure that your product is thoroughly analyzed.


Exhaustive analysis of the complete system (E2E) to identify maximum bugs before moving towards user-acceptance testing.


It’s executed with minor software alterations without the functionalities being affected.


This is one of the finest functional testing services carried out to run checks on all the different operating systems ensuring robustness.


This testing involves the experiences accumulated by the real users to check whether the platform performs as expected or not.


With this approach, testing of a platform is carried out with simultaneous learning, test design, and execution.


This testing involves the testing by the end-user as a verification process before putting it into the production phase.


The testing focuses on the visual aspect to verify whether the elements vindicate functional testing.


The name explains the test’s purpose as it refers to the minute evaluation of features embedded in the platform separately.


Smoke Testing involves the preliminary checks performed on a platform, checking whether it’s secure for further testing.


In this testing, individual sub-codes are checked to assess the existing vulnerabilities and fix them, if any.


This testing is performed to check whether a modification in the existing platform has resulted in a change or not.


In this procedure, it is checked that individual functions, when synced together, work as expected or not.

Functional Testing Process Employed By Us

A glance at our brief functional testing process aids us in providing an unblemished product to our clients!

Analyzing Requirements

Analyzing Requirements

We believe in clients’ distinct requirements, hence focusing on comprehending each client’s business processes, needs, and goals to deliver the expected result.

Creating Test Plans

Creating Test Plans

Our QA team creates a test plan to prepare various test scenarios, roles and responsibilities, the scope of work, tools required, timeline for deliverables, and the objective for each action.

Writing Test Cases

Writing Test Cases

Creating test cases is the next step that provides us with either a “pass” or “fail” result employing our analysis from the test plan. Post creation, we document our test cases.

Executing Test Cases

Executing Test Cases

Executing the test cases is the next step based on the predetermined test plan, focusing on comparing the actual output with the expected output to detect any defect.

Conducting Regression Testing

Conducting Regression Testing

Regression testing is performed to ensure that code modifications made by the development team have not introduced new defects or altered the functionality of the software application.

FAQs About Functional Testing

Functional testing is done to ensure whether each application feature works as per the requirements.

We offer the following types of functional testing:
  • Smoke Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Full System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Feature Testing

9 Yards Technology extends the following testing procedures:
  • Functional Testing
  • Database Testing
  • API Testing
  • ETL Testing
  • Embedded Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Performance (Load/Stress) Testing

Functional testing comes under the confines of Black-Box testing, as it analyzes the functionality without checking the internal coding.

Yes, we offer a 30-minutes free consultancy service to provide relevant information about our services and assist you in making pivotal decisions for your business.

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