Automation Testing Services in Canada

Are you looking for unblemished automation testing services in Canada? Put your search to a halt with 9Yards Technology, renowned for its exemplary Test Automation Services in Canada. We are equipped with a team of experienced and expert Automation Quality Analysts, groundbreaking testing tools, and the latest methodologies that enable us to identify vulnerabilities in no time and secure your business interests with our automation testing services.

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Automation Testing Services in Canada

Being the leading Software Testing Company in Canada, 9Yards Technology has a forte in rendering flawless Automation Testing Services in Canada. Our groundbreaking testing tech stack and methodologies make us the most sought-after software testing company in Canada. To date, we have successfully provided our test automation services to a multitude of companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies and safeguarded their digital platforms.

Our extensive experience in offering test automation services in Canada results in the delivery of high-performance platforms and products having incredible stability that enhances the working efficiency of our clients. With a highly efficient team of 100+ techies and ample resources, we never fail to deliver our testing projects within the stipulated timeframe. With 9Yards, find the solution that fits best your business!

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Our Optimum Automation Testing Services in Canada Boosts Productivity

9Yards Technology employs impeccable and unique automation engineering techniques and consolidates them with the latest technologies to provide the best automation testing service in Canada. We’ve successfully delivered stable yet scalable platforms to reputed Fortune 500 companies and innovative incubators.

Our advanced automation testing tools and methodologies have made the scrutiny process error-free and swift, resulting in quick bug identification.

Swift Deployment

Automation testing services can scan bugs in your platform in a short span of time. As automation testing employs tools unlike manual testing, it reduces the testing period and quickly deploys the stable platform.

Steady Test Run

Uninterrupted test runs are one of the major strong points for using automation testing services for vulnerability identification. Since automated tools are used instead of humans while testing, the platform is scanned without impediment.

Remarkable Test Coverage

Among all the testing technologies available, automation testing services are a boon to review platforms that provide spectacular testing coverage. Automation testing enables you to scan any platform without any limits, thus offering unparalleled coverage for your platforms.

No Scope of Human Error

The competitive advantage of Automation Testing Services is that it eradicates the human element from the scanning process of any product. The possibilities of human error become negligible using automated testing tools and a testing environment.

Economic Test Costs

Since the human element plummets from auditing, the testing costs of automation testing services become significantly low. Moreover, the economic resources spent on the process are reduced, thereby bringing down the test costs.

Accuracy Rate Is High

Employing testing tools and mechanisms rather than relying on manual testing processes saves time and enhances accuracy. The possibility of a zero-bug product is quite high when you use automation testing services.

Take A Gander At What All Automation Testing Involves

Our comprehensive services aim to support and assist our clients in reaching their goals. The team of expert QA professionals at 9Yards, strive to deliver flawless platforms and products to our clients as quickly as possible without compromising quality. We focus on eliminating every kind of breach and flaw in your software beforehand.  

Code Analysis

When a developer wants to scrutinize the code by deploying different code analysis tools, the analysis is done.

Unit Tests

With the capability of running on a single module, these tests can be logically isolated in a system.

Integration Tests

Integration testing is done when an end to end testing is conducted on modules as a group.

Automated Acceptance Tests

The importance of automated acceptance tests is to ensure whether the promised features have been delivered or not.

Regression Tests

It is done to examine whether an alteration in the code makes the software behave differently.

Performance Tests

This test is done to see whether a platform is able to fetch the requests of an enormous number of users.

Smoke Tests

Performing preliminary checks establish whether the software is fit enough to conduct further testing or not.

Looking For The Advanced Test Automation Services In Canada To Provide A Stable And Secure Platform

9Yards Technology is known to keep up with the trends and employs groundbreaking tools and technologies to integrate the various automation processes to deliver excellence to our customers. Connect with us to scale up the efficiency of your product.

We Offer Solutions To Your Every Problem

When it comes to offering the best automation testing services in Canada, 9Yards Technology has no match. We diligently follow stringent SOPs with rigorous checks that enable us to deliver impeccable services! Our state-of-the-art testing tools never fail to identify vulnerabilities and eliminate bugs that make your platform stable.

Mobile App Testing Services

Are you looking for unblemished automation testing services for your mobile apps that safeguard your platform? We can assuredly boost the stability of your platform by our 100% bug kill rate that leads to high scalability.

Web Testing Services

Want your website to be free from loopholes with a splendid UX? With our advanced automation testing services will equip you with a platform that never fluctuates and will lead to the tapering of the sales funnel.

Have A Look At Our Comprehensive Software Testing Services

Along with the perfect automation testing services in Canada, our software testing services include many other services. Get acquainted with our capabilities as a leading Software Testing Company in Canada!

Frequently Asked Questions

Both automation and manual testing services have their benefits. Although automated testing is swift and comes with great test coverage, some test cases can only be scrutinised using manual testing.

Absolutely, it is completely recommended to invest money in automation testing services as it provides you with phenomenal ROI and a stable platform that works without glitches.

Definitely, we can build a tailored framework for your app as per your requirements, or else you can also go ahead with our existing frameworks.

Yes, we offer 30 minutes of free consultation for automation testing services. During the process, we brief you on the domain to provide you with a powerful decision-making capability.

Automation testing services are a got-to testing service as they offer great test coverage in very less time, with the help of which you can scrutinise large volumes of test data in no time. Automation testing mainly covers performance, regression, API, and GUI testing.

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