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Are you looking for impeccable accessibility testing services in Canada? Put your search to an end as 9Yards Technology offers unblemished Web Accessibility Services in Canada to ensure that your website and mobile devices comply with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C’s) WCAG 1.0/WCAG 2.0, BITV 1.0, Section 508 & Stanca Act. Moreover, we employ groundbreaking tools to make certain that specially-abled users can easily operate your platform.

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Ensure Fair Experience For All With 9Yards Technology’s Web Accessibility Services in Canada 

Accessibility testing is more than a compliance requirement. Ensuring the accessibility of applications to everyone with the inclusion of differently-abled populations is a social responsibility of every organization. As a socially responsible organization, you must ensure that your applications and products are accessible for one and all, embracing people with hearing, visual, motor, and cognitive limitations.

9Yards Technology understands the importance of testing web pages and making them easily accessible via any browser for anyone and everyone, disregarding any disability. Our accessibility testing services include manual and automated testing to fix accessibility issues and act according to set standards.

Our team of skilled QA professionals help you tick off every benchmark while testing your website or application’s compliance and eventually enhance your brand image along with the number of happy users.

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Our Accessibility Testing Services Enable Unbiased User-Access!

9Yards Technology has proven supremacy in delivering exceptional accessibility testing services to enterprises across the globe. We are equipped with the perfect blend of advanced tools and technologies and a skilled team of testers with comprehensive Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) knowledge to deliver excellence.

We have successfully conducted accessibility testing for multiple industries, including Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and start-ups.

Unrestricted Accessibility

We perform rigorous accessibility testing to examine your product in every possible way and enhance unrestricted accessibility. Our aim is to improve your business reach, make it inclusive and expand the user base.

User-Friendly Platform

9Yards Technology’s reliable accessibility testing services enhance the business platform user experience. Our efficacious methodologies can boost your business platform’s outreach and customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Seamlessness

Our accessibility testing procedures offer a whole new level of seamlessness. It enables differently-abled individuals to operate the platform with so much ease that it results in fluent navigation.

WAI Guidelines Adherence

We are equipped with a world-class team of testers who have extensive knowledge of WAI guidelines and adhere to them while executing tests. While performing accessibility testing, our experts follow rigorous SOPs that yield satisfactory results.

Advanced Tech Stack

9Yards Technology employs state-of-the-art tools & technologies to perform accessibility testing to bring out the best results and leave no scope for inaccuracy. Working on an advanced tech stack enables us to emphasize every parameter easily and follow the WAI guidelines.

Rigorous Testing Procedure

We leave no stone unturned to offer you the best accessibility testing services, and hence our testing procedure is developed by our experienced testers to perform exhaustive accessibility testing to cover every user.

Take A Gander At What All Our Accessibility Testing Services Includes

9Yards Technology has carved a niche in delivering efficient accessibility testing services with the help of a best-in-class tech stack. Have a look at what all our accessibility services incorporate to get a better understanding of how we deliver world-class results.

Comprehensive Code Review

We take care of every aspect of accessibility testing, including an exhaustive analysis of the entire code to enhance user inclusiveness.

Accessibility Consultation Simplified

9Yards Technology believes in delivering excellence with its every service. To resolve your doubts, we also offer accessibility consultation.

Inclusion of Assistive Testing

We incorporate the finest assistive testing procedure by employing technologies like screen readers, magnifiers, & input devices.

Document Accessibility Testing

Creating documents in various formats like Doc, PDF, and PPT enhances accessibility for differently-abled people.

Accessibility Testing & Audit

We are a premier accessibility testing company having area dominance in identifying potential errors/bugs in software accessibility.

Manual Testing

Here at 9Yards, we make sure to deliver unbridled accessibility testing services by performing manual testing for screen readers and CMS.

Automated Accessibility Reporting

We cater to automated accessibility reporting by offering dependable code parsing adhered to W3C & WCAG2.0/2.1 standards.

Mobile & Device Evaluation

9Yards Technology offers comprehensive device analysis to check all the parameters related to accessibility testing as per WAI guidelines.

Analyzing Responsiveness

We ensure that our accessibility testing services focus on easing the analysis of device responsiveness and enhancing the UX for differently-abled.

Boost Your Reach and User Experience With 9Yards Technology’s Phenomenal Accessibility Testing Services

Being the top-notch Accessibility Testing Company in Canada, we swiftly deliver quality results. Our dedicated and expert team rapidly detects the shortcomings in your software, offers the best suitable solutions and is available 24/7 to be your support system.

Augment The Accessibility Of Your Websites, And Mobile Apps 

9Yards Technology intends to make your business platform accessible to everyone, including differently-abled individuals, while expanding the user base. We adhere to the latest WAI guidelines while performing accessibility testing to ensure we cover each protocol.

Mobile App Testing Services

Our skilled testers deliver outstanding accessibility testing services providing an unbelievable reach to your product. Our thorough approach ensures unrestricted access for your differently-abled users.

Web Testing Services

Being the leading accessibility testing company, 9Yards Technology strives to make your web platforms easily accessible to differently-abled individuals with the help of our advanced tools, technologies & methodologies.

9Yards Technology – Empowering Organizations With Its Testing Abilities

In addition to offering unparalleled accessibility testing services, 9Yards Technology explore and fortify your business platforms by rendering with its other testing capabilities. We are one of the leading software testing companies in Canada for a reason!

Frequently Asked Questions

We perform Accessibility testing in accordance with the latest Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines. With our every project, we aim to enable differently-abled individuals to operate digital platforms seamlessly.

Employing accessibility testing services is essential to enhance the reach of your business platform. Moreover, it is also the moral responsibility of every organization to make its products and services accessible to everyone.

WCAG stands for ‘Web Content Accessibility Guidelines that are laid down to make digital platforms accessible to specially-abled individuals.

ADA stands for ‘Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)’, which states that all IT platforms must be accessible to differently-abled individuals.

We work in accordance with the WAI guidelines, therefore, delivering you reliable accessibility testing services.

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