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9Yards Technology is a dominant A/B testing company in Canada that equips you with distinctive A/B testing services in Canada that helps you to get tailored features for your business. We use trailblazing attributes and next-gen resources that are proficient in conducting precise feature research carried out by ideal data analysis.    

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Top-notch A/B Testing Company in Canada

9Yards Technology has made its name for being a leading A/B Testing service provider worldwide with the help of our extensive knowledge and proficient geeks. We are masters in delivering accurate and innovative products that improve your platform. Our services will directly impact improving web traffic and conversion rates. The best part of using this testing service is that it will let us know which features are appropriate for your business platform!

We take data-driven decisions that are used for optimizing digital products for best performance, A/B testing is an important tool we have in our development toolboxes. By leveraging cutting-edge automated tools and techniques, 9Yards Technology helps you choose the ideal version for your platform, ensuring enormous success!

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Fostering The Allure Of Business Platforms Through Our A/B Testing Services!

9Yards Technology is a renowned testing company that incorporates optimal features with its A/B testing services. We have extensive experience providing critical A/B testing services that boost the popularity of business platforms. We have successfully fulfilled the testing needs of a multitude of organizations, from various startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Throughout the testing phase, we have provided high-quality customised services to over 250+ satisfied clients, helping them to expand their business. It is evident that the overall sales conversion skyrockets after choosing our services!

Better Platform Deployment

The best thing about A/B testing services is that the version that performs better is clearly identified as the winner. Our A/B testing services deploy a platform that is both dependable and appealing.

Enhanced Sales Conversion

9Yards Technology offers astounding results, with the deployment of its A/B testing services. As a result, a platform is created that has the potential to boost sales conversion rate.

Improved User Experience

Integrating A/B testing services allows you to select a version with optimised UX. This leads to a software deployment that offers the user a broad array of comfort while they’re using it.

Ease Of Navigation

Functioning a platform becomes much easier with 9Yards Technology’s A/B testing services as you choose the best version. Using the A/B tested platform ensures easy navigation, which is vital from the customer’s viewpoint.

Functional Aesthetics

Our A/B testing services are built to carefully investigate your product, guaranteeing that the embedded visuals are operational. We can deliver an incredible experience to the targeted audience.

High ROI

9Yards Technology provides exceptional A/B testing services after careful examination, resulting in the highest performing version. It enables you to offer a pleasant UX, yielding higher conversion and ROI.

A/B Testing Methodology

As a top-notch A/B testing company, 9Yards Technology has a reputation for delivering first-class services due to stringent SOP implementation

  • Conducting in-depth research
  • Formulation of hypothesis
  • Developing Variations
  • Executing Tests
  • Analysing results & Deployment

Want To Make Your Product A Center Of Attraction?

Our services offer countless optimization opportunities as we utilise users’ behaviour to understand and make an informed design that draws users’ attention!

What Does 9Yards Technology’s A/B Testing Services Enfold?

9Yards Technology is a dominant A/B testing company with clinical precision in providing exceptional services. We’ve served the testing needs of companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies over the years. So, to get an idea of what our split testing mechanism offers, have a glance at our services.

Checking Page Element For A/B Testing

Our QA engineers thoroughly check the product’s page elements for split testing before providing its A/B testing services.

Embedded Function Placement

We place embedded functions intending to conduct split testing in different positions garnering comprehensive reviews.

Equal Web Traffic Allotment

9Yards Technology’s A/B testing services allocate equal web traffic to get unbiased results from the 2 variants.

Product/ Platform Version Creation

9Yards Technology crafts 2 versions of a platform for comparison to execute flawless A/B testing services.

Highlighting A/B Testing Parameters

We take extreme precautions while providing A/B testing services as we take into consideration the relevant parameters.

Incorporating Advanced Tools

Incorporating state-of-the-art tools designed to execute impeccable A/B testing services defines our professionalism.

Sales Lead Calculation

9Yards Technology provides area dominance in A/B testing services & ensures perfect scrutiny with accurate sales lead calculation.

Rigorous Code Testing

During our A/B testing services, we perform testing procedures with tried & testing coding enhancing the scrutiny mechanism.

Product Deployment

9Yards Technology leverages your product safely after thoroughly analyzing each version at the end of A/B testing.

A/B Testing Framework

9Yards Technology has technical expertise in scrutinising business platforms, which adds overall platform stability. Because we integrate industry-leading guidelines, we guarantee that our testing procedures operate smoothly.

  • Linear Scripting
  • The Test Library Architecture Framework.
  • The Data-Driven Testing Framework.
  • The Keyword-Driven or Table-Driven Testing Framework.
  • The Hybrid Test Automation Framework.


Why 9Yards Technology’s Services Differ From Other A/B Testing Companies?

9Yards Technology empowers businesses by providing an enhanced platform for sales lead conversion. We use an advanced tool stack, accompanied by an in-house committed group of A/B testers, we offer spectacular results.

Adherence To The Best SOPs

  • Leading Methodology
  • Impeccable Sales Lead Conversion
  • Ingenious Testing Strategies
  • Dedicated In-house QA’s
  • Accurate Platform Analysis

Why Is A/B Testing Crucial? 

9Yards Technology’s A/B testing is an effective way that helps you to know how to effectively draw audience attention to your website and generate higher leads from the user’s visits. Even minor alterations on the email, landing pages, or Call To Action can affect the number of leads your company attracts and converts. We can easily test any content by establishing a clearly defined control and variable. 

Some of the Pros of A/B testing include:

  • Better Engagement
  • Enhanced Content
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Reduced Bounce Rate On Pages

Some common targets A/B testing include:

  • Paid Advertising
  • Multimedia Marketing Strategies
  • Newsletters
  • Email Campaigns

Options to conduct the A/B on site’s design:

  • Layout/ Image
  • Headings
  • Colour scheme
  • Special offers

Frequently Asked Questions

9Yards Technology has built a reputation for providing impeccable A/B testing services through the use of cutting-edge techniques and tools. Having said that, we also reckon that our services will not cost too much. As a result, if you’d like to work with us, please contact us to discuss the financial aspects of testing standards.

If specifications are met, which gives the scrutiny procedure meaning, using A/B testing services is a good idea. Conditions such as web traffic from various geographical locations, undercoverage bias, statistical analysis, and so on must be considered.

As a result, whether the testing mechanism is a worthwhile or undesirable idea is dependent on the circumstances listed above.

Due to its diligent approach, 9Yards Technology has cemented its position as a provider of A/B testing services. We have a dedicated tech-proficient workforce for each domain, and we provide the best scrutiny procedures to make your business platforms robust. These differentiators set us apart from the competition because we provide first-rate services with 24-hour support.

With 9Yards Technology’s A/B testing services, you can choose a product version with higher customer appeal. The product version is chosen based on an analysis of web traffic data, highlighting which version has a higher sales conversion rate.

A/B testing, also known as split testing, involves launching two product versions with minor differences in feature placement. To determine which has a higher sales conversion rate, equal amounts of web traffic are directed to both versions. The one with the better result wins and is deployed to provide a great experience for customers.

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