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9Yards Technology is a prime software testing company in Canada, offering comprehensive software testing services in Canada. We excel in Web and Mobile App quality assurance with our game-changing methodologies and a stellar track record of accurately identifying software vulnerabilities. We are equipped with the latest automation testing tools that enable us to provide businesses with high-quality products.

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9Yards Technology – Delivering Software Testing Services in Canada That Makes A Difference

Software Testing Services in Canada

Being the leading software testing company in Canada, 9Yards Technology offers a wide array of software testing and quality assurance services to support our clients’ next-generation businesses with secure platforms. Our team of adept QA professionals collaborates with you to provide you with a robust platform that empowers your applications and ensures smooth functioning. 

We are equipped with a pool of tech professionals with exhaustive experience and expertise across various sectors and domains. Our team of certified consultants and IT professionals is well-versed in the industry’s latest tools, standards, and best practices. 

9Yards Technology brings along a decade of experience in offering unblemished QA services across various domains. Right from Manual Testing to Usability Testing, Test Automation, and Accessibility Testing, we perform all types of testing as a part of our services. Our robust business model enables us to be flexible in planning, budgeting, and delivery of projects efficiently.

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Our Wide Array of Software Testing Services in Canada

9Yards Technology has a proven track record of delivering Quality Assurance services in domains such as Information Technology, Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services, Retail and E-Commerce, and Consumer Products, of naming a few. Our QA team experts come from different domains and bring their domain skills to the table, keeping us abreast with the latest in the field.

Here are the software testing services we provide:

Functional Testing

With our functional testing services, validate the functionality of your system. Our professionals possess expertise in evaluating the functionality of a developed application or software and enhancing your platform’s stability.

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Automation Testing

We employ top-notch automation testing tools that enable us to deliver software that is impregnable in every aspect. 9Yards Technology is a force to reckon with vis-a-vis automation testing. Our tedious process of automation testing enhances software quality.

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Performance Testing

While testing any application, conducting performance testing is the most crucial part. Our engineers are skilled in developing performance tests for different applications with an effective performance testing methodology.

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Security Testing

To safeguard their product’s security, companies now rely on security testing. The testing team at 9Yards Technology is adept at the latest tools and the most advanced strategies to perform security testing and eradicate potential threats.

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UI/UX Testing

To check your products’ aesthetical and functional stability, the testing team at 9Yards conducts rigorous UI/UX Testing with the help of state-of-the-art UI/UX testing procedures. Our QA team strives to provide a thrust to platform stability.

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Accessibility Testing

We conduct accessibility testing to ensure that your website and mobile apps are accessible via any browser regardless of disability. With our expert QA team, tools, and software platforms, we test your website’s compliance and provide thorough testing reports for the performed tests.

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A/B Testing

To compare two versions of a website or mobile app and measure the difference in performance, we conduct A/B testing to determine which one performs better. We deliver the best-suited variant and deploy optimal platforms to taper the sales funnel and contribute to growth.

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Test Process Improvement

9Yards Technology scrutinizes the testing strategies of your business & restructures them with the latest & effective scrutiny solutions. Our experienced and expert QA professionals have domain expertise in delivering impactful quality assurance services.

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How Do We Work To Deliver Flawless Services To Our Clients?

Our software testing lifecycle enables us to deliver unblemished, secure, and robust services to our clients that strengthen their business processes! 

Requirement Analysis

  • Apprehending Testing Requirements
  • Classifying into Functional & Non-Functional
  • Defining Testing Priorities

Test Planning

  • Creating QA Test Plan
  • Formulating Work Estimation
  • Execution

Test Case Development

  • Devising Test Cases & Test Scripts
  • Collecting Test Data
  • Updating Requirement Traceability Matrix

Environment Setup

  • Setting up a test environment
  • Determining software and hardware to test application
  • Checking all resources are at optimal conditions

Test Execution

  • Using Test Cases and Test Scripts
  • Mapping Defects
  • Reporting Back Errors/Bugs/Defects to the Developers

Test Cycle Closure

  • Completion & Closing of Functional & Non-functional Tests
  • Analysis of Testing Activities
  • Detailed Documentation

Why Our Clients Love Us?

We strive hard to satisfy the overall requirements of our clients with our world-class services. Our team remains in constant touch with our clients to keep them updated about the advancements in the process, address their queries and resolve their issues. This leads to the contentment of our clients and our delight with their satisfaction!

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