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Zubair Choudhary

Zubair Choudhary

CEO & Founder

Being a fervid tech entrepreneur, I firmly believe in equipping incipient ventures to the Fortune 500 firms globally by incorporating avant-garde tailored platforms that accentuate performance and scalability! 9 Yards Technology is an ambitious project that aims to transform businesses by providing high-quality IT products that have the potential to reduce the sales conversion funnel. I've worked with the industry's leading MNCs and evolved as the pinnacle of accomplishments. My passion and diligence for the industry turned me into a tech entrepreneur. I always strive to improve the industry's services with vast expertise and a keen focus on innovation. Our work culture exudes smartness,'' which is why we emphasize efficacy over futile laborious procedures! The company's ethos is straightforward: ''PLAN DILIGENTLY, EXECUTE SMARTLY!''

We discovered significant disparities between ambiguity and innovative digital solutions. That's where 9 Yards Technology takes the reigns and offers you stellar business-oriented IT platforms that will elevate you to unprecedented growth!

Praachi Abrol

Praachi Abrol

Co-Founder & COO

As COO of 9 Yards Technology, I am responsible for bridging the digital abyss between tech titans and clients by providing superior IT services. With 15+ years of expertise in the IT industry, I've hypothesized a range of duties and critical operations. However, I noticed a shortfall in having a personal touch while supplying products/services to clients. We developed SOPs with a touch of personalization to overcome these issues.

We also overcame low client retention rates by integrating STRATEGIC RETURN ON INVESTMENT approaches. Empathy is instilled in me, thus we implement altruistic GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL MECHANISM to encourage a healthy work culture in 9Yards.

I was titled Software QA & Development COO of the Year 2022, which was like a validation of the transformative strategies that I devised and effectuated with 9Yards Technology. In our organization, we promote an open-door policy to scale up across the team to engage better with employees. As an independent trendsetter, I make ''GENDER DIVERSITY'' one of the company's cornerstones.

Saurabh Katyal

Saurabh Katyal

Co-Founder & Executive Director

I’m an unrivaled dominant player with 15+ years of ascendency in IT sales and specialization in SAAS-based products and vendor management. I'm also known as WIZARD in client interactions. While working in renowned IT industries, I have also earned the title of SALES GLADIATOR.

As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of 9 Yards Technology, I COMMAND & SPEARHEAD efficient business operations, which leads to coherent growth and expansion. I devise tailored strategies for overall organizational enhancement based on my extensive experience operating for top MNCs. In addition to my KRAs, I continue to engage in hiring and selecting the right talent whose action speaks louder than its words and makes the onboarding process effortless and smooth.

A proactive personality is deeply embedded in me, which is an inherent trait that soothes in reassuring TRUST in clients. With a can-do attitude, I've pierced reputable western markets to the core, including the US, UK, and others.

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