I Have An App Idea! How Do I Start Building An App From Scratch?

Are you having an innovative idea for an app but clueless about how to get started? Then you are at the right place. We understand that when an innovative idea strikes your mind, it is an obvious thought that your app will excite many users, and the users will download your app and use it.

Before diving into the world of mobile app development, you must be well versed about the market scenario. There are a few critical points where you need to be extra careful.

Statista Reports 

There are more than 88 thousand apps that are released in the market. This data clearly shows the competition in the market!  

But you don’t have to worry as we’ll provide you with a guide on turning your idea into an application so that you can present your business in the face of a mobile app to the market.  

Steps You Must Consider If You Have An App Idea

Read the below-mentioned steps to turn your idea into a reality.

1. Market Research On Your Mobile App Idea

Why is market research so critical before building an app?

Before buying anything, we surf the internet to know about that product’s price and review it on other sites. The same ideology goes with mobile app development.

Market research analyzes what your competitors are doing, what works for them, and whatnot. Let’s glance at what are the essential aspects you need to cover while performing research for your mobile app development:

  • Your target audience, their age group, and what can be their expectations from your app?
  • Who are the table toppers of this industry? What are the features they offer?
  • The pros and shortcomings of your idea?
  • How can you monetize your app? What are the methods to monetize your app?

The questions that are mentioned above will make your vision clear on your app idea. It will help you in crafting a proper strategy for a successful app.

2. Developing a Business Concept for App

After you are done with your research, your next step is to craft a monetization strategy. Jot down every point, so you don’t miss anything. It helps you to introduce a case study for your business

Furthermore, the business project’s crucial blocks should be part of the plan. Let’s craft a monetization strategy for your app idea. According to your business model research, utilize the data to build a robust business plan     

  • Develop a strategy to attract the attention of your user base
  • Craft a list that includes all the features you will incorporate into your application  
  • Look for buyer persona and what they are looking to have in their apps
  • Check out ways that help you to monetize your apps
  • Develop a low-cost marketing strategy to advertise your app

Your app must be imaginative enough to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Your idea of an app must go above and beyond for your customers, which also helps you to stay ahead of your competitors.

You will be an app provider who goes above and beyond for your customers while staying ahead of the competition.

In addition to your initial preparations, following the above suggestion will enhance your app idea. 

After following the above steps, you have completed two phases of app development i.e. turning your innovative idea into reality: now, let’s breeze into the next stages 

You decided to make any impressive idea a reality and quickly completed two stages; now what

At this stage, it’s time that you’ll need to find an experienced app development company to offer your app idea wings, mould it into an app and make it a reality.

It’s a chance to discover an experienced app development company to offer your app idea wings and make it a reality.

3. Find an Experienced App Development Company

Before opting for any development company for your project, you must choose a platform to make the app. You can craft an app on three platforms 

a) Cross-platform app development

The cross-platform apps are built in such a way that they can be operated on various operating systems like Android or iOS.   

b) Native App Development

A native application is specially built for a single operating system like Android or iOS. You can create an application for a specific channel  

c) Hybrid App Development

A Hybrid app is like a combination of native mobile applications. These apps are built with the elements like web apps, like CSS, Javascript and HTML.

You got to know different types of web development from the above text. Now you need to decide which platform you require to convert your ideas into product 

The next move is to build an application. 

4. Develop The Mobile App

The process of app development is viable when it’s done structurally. It allows the development process to be carried out by developers in an accurate path. 

There are six steps to follow. Below are the steps to develop an app that answers your queries about how we can turn an idea into an app.

  • There are three stages for better distribution of applications to know – when, where, and what. 
  • It helps us to grasp the interest of our customers and their priorities
  • Assist the customer by collecting data on the product map, customer’s journey and scale
  • Now focus on the design as it is a critical element and should look appealing and provides easy navigation to different features
  • We emphasize design as it’s a crucial part and should look attractive and easy to navigate between different features.

Deployment is a requisite action for everything designed to work perfectly. We offer proper assistance and upkeep aid for three months after development. Finally, we will demonstrate your application.

5. Create a Mobile App Marketing Plan

  • Pre-launch Marketing Plan

Create a pre-launch strategy before launching your mobile app to attract customers to use your application. The benefit of pre-launch app marketing is that it encourages audiences’ awareness and builds their interest.

  • Branding of Your App

Your primary concern should be creating your brand in the app market before you start the development process. Every day several apps are    

launched, which makes it tough to sustain newcomers in the high-end market.

  • Landing Page for Your App

The application’s landing page is the route for customers to reach and interact. The page comprises screenshots of the application. Include a lead generation form to help you develop the subscriber’s list.   

6. Minimum Viable Product

  • Minimum Viable Product is the first step before the launch of a product in the market. 
  • It’s created with core features, and beta versions are released to gain the audience’s response. 
  • MVP( Minimum Viable Product) is usually created by startups for an idea to know whether it’s worth enough for higher investment. 
  • MVP is a strategic concept for creating a product with minimal cost.
  • It solves the problems and risks like loss of big investment, idea failure, production failure, and low engagement. 
  • After developing the MVP of the product, quality testing is necessary to ensure it’s ready to use until its launch.

7. Quality Analysis of the Developed App

  • Testing is the process of rectifying the application’s functionality. 
  • The application is tested through several phases: installation, compatibility, usability, condition, and compliance.
  • Each application component is tested in parallel to discover any new bugs. While performing testing, you’ll identify several bugs, minor bugs, major bugs, blocker bugs or critical bugs. QA executes several tests and prepares the list of errors that occurred; accordingly, the application is fixed
  • Quality analysis is an extremely important factor in delivering an application that is completely reliable and ready to use for your target audience.
  • Your application will be your identity in front of your audience; hence, deliver the optimized application without fail. The next step is to launch the beta version of your app.

8. Launch the Application  

  • At the start, you must select the app store where you want to launch your application. 
  • Remember that the application will never be perfect. As customers’ needs change, you will need to improve the app. The evolution of your application is a component of development.
  • After the successful release of your app in the app store, you must notify your user’s email list subscribers. Create a social media campaign and publicize it in various relevant forums to capture the attention of your target audience. Great! Sit back and unwind. 
  • After waiting for responses, feedback is critical to progress.
  • The next step is to assess performance.

9. Elevate the success of the app 

In this phase, you will need to look for ways to improve the application. Gather feedback and start the development process. Evaluate the work of your app to understand the audience flow.  

User Engagement: Acknowledging user engagement provides you with valuable information about how your audience engages with your application. Constant monitoring of user activity provides direction for improvement, specifically to create a better version.

User Retention: The retention rate indicates how many users return to your app following their initial interaction. It is measured on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. To improve retention, provide the best UI experience and create a proper flow to make things easier.

User Activity Rates: The user activity rate page provides an in-depth analysis of app usage and engagement in order to maintain monetization. This report contains information about reach, active users, active usage, engagement, cohort analysis, behavior, and retention.

Track the number of users: Daily user tracking will tell you whether your changes are worthwhile for users. It informs you of any developments and upgrades to the application that are safe for the audience.

Track Active users: Your project’s success ratio is determined by the number of active users. Active users are those who interact with your application regularly.

There are two categories of active users.

  • Daily Active Users
  • Monthly Active Users 

10. Continuous Maintenance and Improve App 

  • Building and launching the app does not mean your work is finished. To expand your audience, you must constantly improve your application. 
  • It necessitates various procedures because data must be gathered from multiple sources.
  • Today’s demand is for a better user interface experience. The primary concern for improved app engagement is navigation. 
  • As a result, proper demographics in the app benefit your customers for optimal utilization. 
  • Find new loops and holes and improve them accordingly. Investigate the unusual discovery and incorporate the new features into the application
  • Make certain that you are providing excellent customer service. Customer satisfaction creates a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Regular maintenance enhances your application’s performance.
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