Having Any Doubts? We Have An Answer

We’ve answered all the queries that are often asked in a concise yet significant way, helping you make clear-cut decisions and enhancing your growth prospects!


Why should we opt for 9Yards Technology over other organizations?

9Yards Technology is a preeminent organization that turns ideas into reality. We diligently serve your creations beyond your expectations.

What makes 9Yards Technology stand out?

9Yards Technology has an innovative array of 200+ techies proficient in serving your digital needs ingeniously. Our army of resources comprises innovative developers, creative designers, and robust testers with a vision to invigorate your business presence in the digital world.

What are the services you offer?

9Yards Technology has expertise in delivering tailored mobile apps, top-notch websites, and reliable testing services worldwide.

What are your recruiting models?

9Yards Technology offers a comprehensive analysis of your needs to transform your business digitally. We examine your setup comprehensively to deliver innovative IT solutions by augmenting your business in the digital world.

How is my idea confidential with 9Yards?

The ideas presented by clients are confidential and safe as we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Our client’s trust is our utmost priority and means a lot to us. That’s why every work and resource allocated are legally bound and can’t reveal a speck of your project.

Mobile App

Can you develop an app compatible with all platforms?

9Yards Technology has potent expertise in crafting customized mobile apps for the leading platforms. We cater to exceptional app development on all operating systems, whether Android or iOS.

Is it doable to develop an app in a minimum time duration?

The time duration of the app development lifecycle depends on the complexity and your requirements. But you can get a cost estimation according to your customization by us.

What is the app development procedure you follow?

9Yards Technology heeds an app development strategy. All the phases that take place in designing the app are listed below.

  1. Examining Requirements
  2. Designing
  3. Development
  4. Testing
  5. Deployment
  6. Support & Maintenance

What if I require some alterations in the app post-launch?

9Yards Technology can make minor modifications to the app after checking the feasibility. The changes depend on the scope of the edits.

Do you provide support after an app is live on Playstore or App store?

9Yards Technology is known to deliver seamless support. We can help if you face issues.


How much average time do you take for website development?

The average web development time varies with the requirements as it may differ with time. It also depends on the complexity and functionality of the app. Hence, there is no average time.

Yet, we can craft a static/informative website much faster.

Are your websites compatible with smartphones too?

9Yards Technology comprises an array of proficient techies with web development expertise. We incorporate the latest tech stack to deliver a customized website that works on all devices.

How much does the website development cost?

Website development costs vary based on complexity, features, and client requirements. The cost varies depending on clients’ modifications during the web development process.

How many times can we make changes during the website development process?

The changes and the alterations during the web development process depend on the contract with the company.

Do you offer web hosting?

Yes, we offer web hosting services only if the client mandates them.


How to choose the right software development company?

Opting for the right software development services seems complicated, but it’s quite straightforward. Firstly, to choose the right fit, you must analyze your requirements and opt for the organization which has the expertise and has previously worked on similar projects.

How do you secure your client’s data as a software development firm?

We give you access to the tracking system, which enables you to get the testing status that enables you to track the testing status. It helps you to interact with testers on a real-time basis that improves the transparency of the project

What technologies are used to craft tailored applications?

9Yards Technology considers following the latest testing strategies that incorporate Agile or Lean. The methods rely on the project scope for optimum testing of the product. We also integrate state-of-the-art tools like Selenium, Appium, and Loadrunner.

What are the different app development services you offer?

We provide you with all sorts of app development solutions whether Android or iOS. Besides that, we offer you the utmost flexibility when it comes to providing a tech-proficient workforce. You can incorporate our techies into your in-house teams for seamless app development functions.

Do you offer documentation of testing?

Transparency is the cornerstone of our work. We believe in 100% clarity and thus equip you with the testing documentation that comprises matrices, user stories, etc.

IT Staffing

Will I be assigned a dedicated recruiter?

Our HR and Recruitment Process partnership clients have full-time, in-house recruiters working embedded with the client’s recruitment team. They can find potential employees faster and more efficiently and knows the market, the candidates, and the companies in their talent pool. All our clients are assigned a recruiter or an account manager as a single point of contact.

What are the perks of opting for IT staffing services?

IT staffing demands skills and the mastery of technicalities, unlike other staffing services. There are numerous perks while opting for IT staffing services like

  • Employ Candidates on Trial Basis
  • Get Nominees for Niche Profiles
  • Employ Skilled Freelancers
  • Save Time & Efforts
  • Handle the paperwork
  • Lifting the Talent Acquisition process

Can you provide references for the quality of your recruitment services?

We can offer you a plethora of references! We even added numerous references to our website. Let us know the requisites, and we will get you in touch with one of our clients with the identical projects.