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If you’re looking for a marvy IoT App Development Company in Canada that can provide you with ground-breaking IoT app development services in Canada, 9Yards Technology is your safest bet. Our state-of-the-art methodologies, tools, and technologies are well-known for incorporating our client’s business ideas into an impeccable app experience.

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IoT App Development Services in Canada

Being a trusted IoT app development company in Canada, we offer our clientele a plethora of flawless IoT applications. We are known for equipping firms with spectacular services. Our state-of-the-art services and solutions aim to provide you with top-notch IoT mobile applications that establish a savvy connection and bridge the gap between the man and the machine. Our dynamic IoT application solutions can potentially boost your business by leaps and bounds.

9Yards Technology is a preeminent IoT app development company with an array of techies, we offer you broad expertise in delivering best-in-class tailored IoT app development solutions and services in Canada. Our solutions have eminently served our clientele efficiently. With an army of adept in-house techies in the IoT app development domain, we focus on delivering you glitch-free, reliable, quick and adaptable IoT app development solutions. 


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Our Business-Friendly IoT App Development Services


The Internet of Things (IoT) is not only a concept anymore and has transformed into a stellar digital evolution that has soft-soaped our daily lives. This cutting-edge and latest technology unites people, machines, processes, and systems into one technology-enabled network. 9Yards Technology equips your business with advanced IoT app development services that possess transformational capabilities helping you realize your dreams. 


IoT Development Consultancy

IoT has emerged as a ground-breaking player in enhancing efficiencies by significantly eliminating monotony and reducing response time. Furthermore, if you’re wondering about incorporating technology in your business, we’ll equip you with superior IoT app development consultancy services.

IoT App Development

App development services should be flawless and glitch-free to integrate with services and devices seamlessly, thus keen to incorporate with smart devices. 9Yards Technology has efficiently catered to ample projects with capabilities that result in phenomenal responses!

IoT Gateway Development

The IoT technology encompasses a reliable gateway that allows a smooth inflow of information and seamlessly takes in sensor data to provide optimum security. 9Yards Technology is proficient in furnishing you with durable IoT gateway services.

IoT Cloud Solutions

Hunting for IoT cloud services that integrate sensors with cloud services? 9Yards Technology equips you with exceptional IoT Cloud solutions that offer a smooth flow of information and provide you with a best-in-class experience.

IoT Execution & Support

Getting the desired IoT implementation & support services that efficiently serve you can be a tough nut to crack. At 9Yards Technology, we have an incredible frontage in handling and providing effective solutions in such domains.

Backend & API Development

An IoT platform must have a steadfast backend architecture to interact with servers effortlessly. 9Yards Technology has in-house IoT & API development technophiles that offer tremendous services with reliable credentials that quench such necessities.

Connectivity With Wearables

Wearables offer tremendous possibilities as they offer real-time information. 9Yards Technology understands and comprehends the significance of magnificent connectivity with the wearables, and thus it equips you with customized and optimal solutions.

Speech Recognition

This era of automation has evolved voice-enabled technology solutions due to its high demand. 9Yards Technology serves such requests by accoutre you with solutions that perform exceptionally well and provide you with robust and sophisticated solutions.

Data Interpretation

An IoT device must have fast and accurate data analytics to justify its capability. 9Yards Technology has technicians with the necessary skills to embed a spectacular framework to ensure that the response never backfires you.


Looking For Tailored IoT App Development Services?

Our services will cater you with avant-garde solutions perfectly tailored to your requirements. With our team of diligent techies, we can turn your ideas into reality.


The Process We Employ


9Yards Technology is known for providing marvelous services incorporating ultra-modern methodologies. We craft exemplary IoT apps by integrating strict SOPs that lead to impressive ROI.


Analyzing Requirements

  • Understanding the problem
  • Gathering the data
  • Analyzing the requirement
  • Creating a strategy

Planning layout

  • Creating a blueprint
  • Processing chart
  • Creating wireframes
  • Work on UI/UX

Developing Process

  • Choosing platform
  • App programming
  • Creating structures
  • Client review

Rigorous Testing

  • Analyzing test process
  • Using Latest approaches
  • Creating environment
  • Executing tests


  • App store execution
  • Play store execution
  • Client execution
  • App launch

Support & Maintenance

  • Security checks
  • Performance checks
  • Hindrance check
  • Regular app updates


Why hire 9Yards Technology?


Hiring an unrivaled IoT app development company in Canada influences the quality of your IoT app. As a result, it is critical to analyze all variables before selecting IoT app development services in Canada. 9Yards Technology has a team of professional IoT developers who work hard to offer their all to each project and assure our clients’ pleasure with the results.

Trusted IoT App Development Company Assisting Businesses in Taking Advantage of Data Analytics


Design thinking

Solution Architects understand business problems and develop optimal solutions.

Domain expertise

We comprehend industry-specific challenges and apply design thinking.

Client’s Experience

Several enterprise engagements with proven ROI for deployed solutions.


Sensors 9Yards Technology Works With


9Yards Technology indeed makes it attainable to connect everyday things to the internet with sensor data.


Humidity Sensors
Humidity Sensors

Temperature Sensors
Temperature Sensors

Proximity Sensors
Proximity Sensors

Pressure Sensors
Pressure Sensors

Motion & Velocity Sensors
Motion & Velocity Sensors


Optical Sensors
Optical Sensors

Light Sensors
Light Sensors

Magnetic Sensors
Magnetic Sensors

Water Quality Sensors
Water Quality Sensors

Smock Sensors
Smock Sensors

Chemical Sensors
Chemical Sensors

Infrared Sensors
Infrared Sensors

Flow & Gas
Flow & Gas

Acoustics & Noise Sensors
Acoustics & Noise Sensors




Yes, 9Yards Technology offers you IT staffing services that assist you in meeting your expectations for your IoT app development project. We ensure that you have access to technologically advanced resources that can accelerate your endeavours and help you achieve your goals.

IoT app development costs are determined by modifications, feature upgrades, etc. As a result, it’s legitimate to state that the development cost differs for every project. However, if you want an estimate, call 9 Yards Technology to receive a ballpark figure.

IoT app creation necessitates the usage of skilled programmers to create faultless software that accomplishes exactly what the user demands. Furthermore, the development cost is an important consideration when funds are limited.

This is where 9Yards Technology comes in! One of our point-of-difference is that we have in-house techies ready to take on IoT app development. We empower your ambition by delivering dependable solutions that exceed your expectations!

The timeline for IoT app development varies due to the features and customizations that are executed during the app development process. However, if you’re curious about the development time duration, book your consultation to get an exhaustive answer.

9Yards Technology integrates a ground-breaking tech stack and proficient developers experienced in making universal remote. Our products enable you to operate without encountering any glitches and execute actions with zero dormancy.

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